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Klepitalism of Fake Money

“The love of money is the root of all evil” since biblical times can be explained today by the fact that the love of money is the love of power which money confers to the rich. Today, that power is … Continue reading

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Randomized controlled trial limitations: a case study of vaccine efficacy in COVID-19 epidemiology

Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) are considered the “gold standard” in clinical medicine. Perhaps for this reason, health authorities all over the world have assumed the universal validity of RCTs and have not recognized that RCT results may not be valid … Continue reading

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Measure of vaccine efficacy relevant for COVID-19 epidemiology in the United Kingdom

The vaccine efficacy measure relevant for COVID-19 epidemiology, should be based on real-world data, not on clinical data which have data selection biases indicated in this paper.  Recent United Kingdom data suggest that age-dependent asymptomatic breakthrough cases and natural immunity … Continue reading

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Epidemiological impact of COVID-19 fully vaccinated population

The epidemiological impact of increased vaccination on COVID-19 pandemic is investigated by a study of the long-term cross-sectional correlation of 98 countries using the database of Our World in Data.  Higher percentages of fully vaccinated population are found in 94 … Continue reading

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MMT, Helicopter Money and Monetary Socialism

Previous blog posts on modern monetary theory (MMT) and helicopter money have led to the following interview with John Adams and Martin North of Digital Finance Analytics, shown on the YouTube channel In The Interests of The People:

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