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Helicopter Money in Operation

The great inventive minds of modern economics (GIMME) have been busy talking about helicopter money as an option they could try in future as another unconventional monetary policy (UMP) to avoid “deflation” or “lowflation” (Lagarde, 2013).  Actually, helicopter money is … Continue reading

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Creeping American Socialism

The previous post discussed the influence of pluralism in economic policy. As an historical summary of the cognitive dissonance, it suffices to observe the policy circus: the free-market capitalism in the early twentieth century was blamed for the Great Depression; … Continue reading

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Financial System Collapse

The global financial crisis (GFC) had brought the global financial system (GFS) close to collapse. Extraordinary measures exhausting much of the available resources were brought to bear to prevent the collapse of the GFS.  But the GFS is a menace … Continue reading

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