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Consistent with our blog policy, high quality comments (particularly on facts) relevant to building a scientific economic paradigm are welcome.  Participants need to register to comment and registration is free. (For any problems with registration please contact

Comments must satisfy the usual standards of clear English expression and show courtesy to other participants, without resorting to abuse or sarcasm.  Comments will be moderated by the administrator who reserves the right not to publish submitted comments. The quality of comments will be assessed according to four criteria: originality, clarity, correctness and significance.

Originality refers to the freshness of a comment, which is not simply a repetition of earlier comments by the author or others.  Clarity refers to whether the comment can be understood easily.  Correctness refers to the accuracy of the information, as this blog avoids publishing false or misleading content. Significance refers to the relevance and
importance of a comment to the subject of the post.

The administrator privately scores (out of 20) any submitted comment according to the four criteria and acceptance for publication is based on the score passing a certain hurdle value.  The quantity and quality of comments are managed and controlled by setting the hurdle value.  It is hoped that there will be sufficient and enduring interest to raise the
hurdle value over time.

This selection process is needed to maintain a high standard of comments relevant to this blog, so that participants benefit by being spared the effort of filtering comments themselves.  Excessive comments by any one participant on any post are discouraged. It is hoped that rejected contributors understand the different objective of this blog compared to others and are not offended by the policy.

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